A Wow Moment

Every time I start wallowing in self-doubt about my design business, something happens to snap me out of it. A few weeks ago, it was an editor from Adobe’s Layers magazine asking me to be one of the designers for a web redesign article in an upcoming magazine (more about that after it’s on the newsstands). Yesterday when I got home from a weekend on the Olympic peninsula, I found an email in my inbox from Zazzle.Years ago, I uploaded some of my illustrations, hoping to sell some as posters.I got an email last week saying one poster had been sold.  I hadn’t looked at the account in so long, I had to get a password reminder to even see what had sold. I chuckled with my husband when I saw it was a derivative of a friend of ours. I had used a photo I took of him to create a satire poster back when I was still in design school (and before I was very good using Illustrator). I only earned a few dollars on the sale, but I got a kick that someone else liked it enough to buy it. I didn’t think more about it until I got the email from Zazzle asking me to sign a release….for DreamWorks. DreamWorks had been the one to order the poster and they needed a limited release so they can use it in a movie they are currently working on – a remake of the movie Fright Night. Say what? They want to use my poster? Yep….they sure do…and while I didn’t really get paid much for it’s use, I’ll probably be listed in the closing credits (under graphic designers) , which is very cool. I’m trying not to let these little tidbits of “fame” go to my head…but it sure has boosted my self-esteem and I’m psyched to get working on client projects today.

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