River's Remorse

Book Cover Design

Practice for book cover design

I had time in my schedule yesterday to practice book cover design, which is something I want to do more of for future clients. While I don’t like participating in design contest websites, I did use one to get some projects to work on (for fun and practice). Below are the book cover designs I came up with.

Forsaken – A women was tortured and put to death in the 1600s for being a witch. It’s present day and she wants to come back.


River’s Remorse – River is an 18 year old woman who lives a PRIMITIVE lifestyle deep in the Mountains of Colorado.

River's Remorse

Witherings – A year after the mysterious disappearance of Arthur’s wife Martha, Arthur learns that he has stage four brain cancer. With nothing to lose and a desperate desire to seek the truth about the disappearance of Martha, Arthur vindictively invites an unsuspecting Richard, the only suspect in the disappearance of Martha, into his home.


The Hatred – After agreeing to house-sit for the weekend, a struggling musician soon discovers the mysterious homeowner’s horrific intent.

The Hatred

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