How do you like me now?

I was never really happy with my last design for this website. I was using a template from SquareSpace that I tweaked, but found it very limiting. I had some spare time last evening, so I totally redesigned my site, going back to WordPress as a content management system. I was able to knock out the theme design and develop it in about six hours.

So, what do you think of it?

3 thoughts on “How do you like me now?

  1. I love it! How do you get the snappy vertical white lines/tints to move back and forth over the banner image? The background image itself is a .jpg, right? So where’s the motion come from? Must be Flash. Does Artisteer let you do that or did you create that yourself? And where did you get the background for the body of the page? Looks nice!

    1. Artisteer now allows flash to be placed in the header. The one I’m using is a preset, but you can make and add your own. It’s layered on top of the header image. As for the background, I found it online and tweaked it to make it work for my purposes.

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