It’s Not Always About You

Keep your website less about you and more about your product or service. Visitors care about their interests and needs, so unless your site caters to them, you’re not going to get much business. Of course, if you are selling yourself (like a  comedian), you’ll want to put the focus on you .

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Always About You

  1. It’s hard when creating a website to put yourself in your customers shoes and try to imagine what they would want to see but it can be done and makes a huge difference.

  2. Very true indeed.. Great business tip.. You should definitely have some info about yourself on the website, but don’t over do it.

  3. Good information. I hope people read this and understand. I am annoyed with blogs or websites that do not focus on the product or the information that they say that they do. I don’t want to read about you and your children when I came to your blog for financial advice, etc.

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