Music and Your Website

Users don’t want cool, they seek efficiency. 99 percent don’t care about the music on your website. And don’t make it worse by putting different background music on every web page!

5 thoughts on “Music and Your Website

  1. Very well said, “users don’t want cool, they seek efficiency”, if you have a website related with music materials, putting music is okay, but it does not really show any boost on your traffic or productivity somehow..
    And I surely appreciate your suggestion, of mixing music and your website.. 🙂

  2. I had tried to make an auto-play feature of music as soon as the website loads, and I really didn’t get any good results and it was not really a good idea to do that as well. Putting music do not really serve a good browsing experience, because it only creates more difficulty in reading the contents of the website, but it can be good for photography websites, which has more photos and graphics to offer instead of reading materials.

  3. Liked the 1st line – The website developers should focus more on efficiency aspects rather than the cool stuffs like music, graphics, widgets and all.
    In my opinion, adding music to your website is not a disastrous job, but you must be smart enough to make it look more to-the-topic, rather than adding from nowhere, that does not make a point at all.

  4. Oh my gosh, you said a mouthful there. Websites with music and background music really drives me crazy. I will close them out every time!

  5. A good point that many need to adhere to. No one likes to listen to music when they open a webpage. It is very annoying and it makes we want to close the website every time. Sometimes I actually do click off of it. Other times if I can find the player with ease and stop it, I will stay. However, I usually end up closing the page because once you stop the music on the first page, it will only start playing again once you go to another page. I hope anyone interested in building a website or has a website will utilize this information.

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