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9200I usually don’t post personal stuff that is not related to my business, but since it takes me away from my office, I’m making an exception.

I will be leaving for Ireland on April 20th and not returning to work until May 2nd. I will be touring both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

I love to travel and explore other countries and try to go someplace different each year. It allows me to get to know people of other cultures, so that I can better understand their points of view. I also pay attention to signs, posters, etc. to see how design differs in that country compared to the U.S.

Since 2007, I have visited England (London), Italy (Venice), France (Nice), Nepal, Thailand, the Caribbean (Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman & Mexico), Canada (Nova Scotia & News Brunswick), and Morocco. Over my life, I have visited 11% of the world’s countries and four of the seven continents.

I stay in contact with many of the people I meet while traveling. I love exploring new places and rarely repeat a location…I’m already in the planning stage of my next big adventure touring Denmark (Coppenhagen), Germany (Berlin), Poland (Warsaw), Lithuania (Vilnius), Latvia (Riga), Estonia (Tallinn), Russia (St. Petersburg), Finland (Helsinki) & Sweden (Stockholm) in 2018.

Where is your next adventure?

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  1. Anita, I’m so happy for you that you’ve done so well and been able to do all this traveling! One quarter of my ancestry is from Ireland (my mom is 1/2) and I’ve always wanted to go there. It’s on my bucket list. My brother has been to Scotland twice and our goal is to somehow get to Ireland together at some point. I have a friend-coworker that is there right now. I’d love to see pictures during or when you get back. If you get a chance, please email me a few!

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