Projects in the Works

Thankfully, February kept me busy and I’ve been working on a lot of projects. One, which I can’t show you, due to non-disclosure, kept me busy for the last part of February. It’s going to be a brand new service website and I’m sure is going to be very popular…probably as much, if not more, than!

Other things I’ve worked over the past two months (most are still in progress). Click on a thumbnail to see the full view.

  • A website for an electrical company
  • A website for an attorney
  • A website for a video company
  • A branding guide and a report (in two languages) for a nonprofit
  • A symposium invitation for a medical company
  • A book cover for an author
  • A business card and flyer for a non-profit
  • A huge wedding and event planning book for a publisher

5 thoughts on “Projects in the Works

  1. Wow!! Those website design are really a piece of an art, and specially the website for the book cover for an author. I am really impressed that you have designed these website in such an awesome way, in just a span of 2 months, it’s really amazing. You do really have some serious talent..

  2. You really are one of the best web designers I have been stumbled upon a long period of time. Cause you are not using the ordinary templates, these are customized upon the costumer preferences, and your remarkable improvisation makes it the best.. Not to forget -2 month’s work, I could not even do one of them in 2 month’s time..

  3. Definitely, getting a website designing work from you guys you’ve got all the things I wanted – Good design, Good Navigation, Decent price and an excellent time turn-over for the designing. Just awesome stuff, contacting you straight away .

  4. These are a very good designs – Simple, elegant, customized, perfect navigation and made by the hands of an experienced designer, so that makes it 5/5.
    What else do we want, definitely getting a website designed by you, I am sure you guys are the best option to choose from.. 🙂

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