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Save Washington Health Care Campaign 2013

SWHC met with me for a brainstorming meeting to come up with a concept for their new campaign. The first step was coming up with a slogan. Once that was set, finding the right image was important. We needed someone that looked ethnic, but not too much…someone who it was hard to really tell what ethnicity she really was. Stock photos didn’t present us with the right photo, so SWHC opted to hire a photographer and model for the campaign.

There were four main pieces to the campaign, done in multiple languages:

  • Clinic Card (7 languages)
  • Legislature Poster (1 language)
  • Clinic Poster (2 languages)
  • Stickers (panels) for a box for people to drop in the clinic card (2 languages)

The biggest challenge for me was coming up with a design that would also work in six other languages (Russian, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish, & Vietnamese). I was able to install Microsoft language packs for all but the Vietnamese. Doing a web search (and posting on the Adobe InDesign forum) revealed that this language presented challenges. There was no Microsoft language pack and the only font I found that had Vietnamese characters was a truetype font, which isn’t suitable for printing presses (no postscript data). So, I had to go ahead and use the truetype font, but after the pieces were approved and before sending them to print, I had to convert all the text to outlines (I did this with the other languages, too, just in case there was a font issue).

The gallery below shows the various pieces in the different languages (click on a thumbnail for a larger view).

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