Sample Print Advertisement

Advertisements are used to encourage, persuade, or entice an audience to take an action. Advertisements seek to generate the purchase of products or services through “branding,” which involves associating a product name or image with certain qualities in the minds of consumers.

Since the advent of the Internet, advertisements have been making a shift from traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, billboards, etc. and are now increasingly being seen via media such as blogs, websites, social media or even text messages.

Online marketing has opened new doors for advertisers. By emphasizing relevant, unobtrusive advertisements intended to help, rather than flood users, good advertising will bring you the clients you most want and who most need your product or service.

Designing the right advertisement is essential to your online marketing efforts. Here are some important to consider when designing your advertisements:

  • What is the objective of this ad?
    • Be specific; make sure it is clear to your audience.
  • Know your target audience.
    • Get to know your demographic; it’s crucial to understand who you’re targeting before choosing the right ad to reach them.
  • What media will you use?
    • For online advertisements, you might choose banner ads, social media ads, a call to action in your blog posts or text messages, etc.  Keep your message brief and to the point so that your audience will see it.
  • Conceptualize your ad.
    • This is where having a professional designer in your corner is helpful.  The right design will enable you to keep the message consistent.
  • Add the right images.
    • 70% of people respond to advertising based on the images included in the ad. Choosing the right ones for your ad is crucial.
  • Create an attention-getting, but straightforward headline.
    • Like images, using words that convey the most powerful impact to your audience is vital.
  • Integrate ad copy that’s clear & to the point.
    • Clear and specific, but inviting text will encourage your audience to follow links and make purchases.
  • Layout
    • The layout of your ad is the integration of all of the above steps. A graphic designer can help you by providing expertise in how to design the layout of your ad so that it’s most effective for your audience.

Banner Ads

Sample Banner Advertisement
Sample Banner Advertisement

Many online marketers use Banner Ads to promote their businesses. This form of advertisement is highly visible, since it includes images and is often placed in a prominent space on a web site. Banner ads are very effective if your business is something that can be advertised best by using pictures.

Banner ads are usually charged as “pay-per-impression”, by the thousand impressions. These impressions are generally low-cost. By trading advertisement space on your site in exchange for someone putting your banner ad on their site, you might receive even more cost-savings.

To make your ad stand out, you’ll want to hire a graphic designer who specializes in creating banner ads and can guide you in designing the ad that’s best for your business.

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