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WES needed me to design a postcard for their preferred customers. Some criteria is that it had to include the leaf design used in other preferred customer pieces and it had to use the green curtain in such a way to give the impression that the viewer was getting a sneak peek. After presenting them with the idea of a poster on an easel, they wanted to include a spotlight. Lucky for me, I had just come across a tutorial on how to make a custom spotlight in Photoshop!

Pre-Sale Postcard

Pre-Sale Postcard

One of the styles I introduced to this client’s pieces is the thin, overlapping circles. They really liked it, so I’ve been adding it to more and more projects. This latest project is a postcard for a support group they have started. You can see how I incorporated the circles on the front and the back of the postcard. I knew I hit the nail on the head when they only had a minor text change before asking for the print-ready PDF!


I got a new client that will be giving me on-going projects each week. Sometimes it’s for print and other times for web, like e-newsletters. Below are some of the projects I’ve worked on over the past three weeks. Click on the thumbnails to get a larger size.

I got the following information from Phoenix Mailing LLC in an email today – good information if you design any sort of mailers (including postcards) and have reposted it with their permission.

On January 5, 2013 there will be some new rules to contend with at the post office.

  1. Postage is going up. A first class stamp will be 46¢ for 1-2 ounces
  2. Bulk rate postage will go up approximately .004¢ each
  3. The new IMB barcode will be the only one allowed on automated mail and must be included on reply cards and envelopes

New requirements for self-mailers not inserted into an envelope

  1. The maximum letter size for folded self-mailers will decrease from 6 1/8″ x 11 1/2″ to 6″ x 10 1/2″
  2. Final fold at the top of the folded self-mailers willno longer be allowed – as well as tabs at the bottom of the mail piece.
  3. Two tabs at the top of folded self-mailers will be required instead of the one allowed now.
  4. Remittance envelopes must be inserted into the first fold of a quarter-fold self-mailer.
  5. Quarter-fold self-mailers will need paper weight to be at least 70#.
  6. For 3-panel self-mailers, the mailing address must be on the center panel, with the final fold creating the non-address side.

Not following these rules meas your mail will be non-machinable and WILL COST MORE IN POSTAGE!

SRM asked me to design a postcard and come up with a theme for their family appreciation day at Woodland Park Zoo. It took a little time to mask out the various animals, but I had a lot of fun designing this piece for print.

Family Day Postcard for SRM