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Tasked with redesigning client’s website so it was more organized and responsive for mobile devices.

Old website

Old website

Redesigned Website

Redesigned Website – click on image for a larger view.

It’s always gratifying when a previous client comes back to me years later, so I was thrilled when Evans Creek wanted me to redo their site. I had designed and developed their website about four years ago and a lot has changed, in both design and the way search engines index websites, so a new design was definitely in order. Plus, I wanted to get them on a WordPress platform to make updating their site much easier.

My biggest challenge in developing this website was finding a WP plug-in that would allow me to create a slideshow on the home page, but not have any controls visible. All the free plug-ins I could find had some sort of control (dots, arrows, etc.) and the client did not want this. I finally found a subscription-based plug-in that works great (and I can use it on other sites for no additional cost).


Evans Creek

I was recently contacted by a new client who wanted help getting a WordPress website set up for her new business. She’s a landscape designer and is offering tools for both the homeowner and/or the landscaper. Now here’s the funny part….it turns out that I know her husband through The Mountaineer, of which I belong. We discovered this after she showed him my work on her website. It always amazes me how small our world really is!

Below is the website design that I did for her. She also wanted business cards to reflect the new design. I think I came up with something that ties in with the site nicely, don’t you?

Site Url:

renewal-by-design website

business card design

Client: Izakaya Sushi

This project presented some challenges since the owner is Korean and has limited English. Though the restaurant didn’t opt to use their service, I want to give a shout out to Sunny Kimm of, who often spoke to the restaurant owner, translating my messages.


Name: Gambia Help
URL: (this is a temporary URL – when content if completed by copy writer, it will change to

Besides the website redesign, I also improved their logo. One of the challenges was due to the director having to fly to Gambia, where internet access was spotty and communication was difficult.

Old Site:


Redesigned Site:

Gambia Help

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