The Life of Pi – Day 3

I know I should have written this blog post earlier today….at this time of night, I just want to chill out and not do anything. My brain is too shut down to think of a clever anecdote and try to tie it into my business. So, I’m going to do a short review on the movie I went to see tonight.

I had read the book called Pi when it first came out several years ago, so I was excited to see it as a movie. People have been telling me they really enjoyed it and the movie trailer looked quite good.

The story is about a skinny, vegetarian Indian boy (as he describes himself) that is the lone human survivor when the ship he was on capsized. But he’s not alone…when he first climbs aboard the lifeboat, there is a zebra with a broken leg. Soon they are join by a tiger and Pi dangles off the end of the boat to avoid the tiger. The tiger retreats under a tarp that is covering half the boat. Pi thinks it might be safe to climb on top of the tarp, but soon changes his mind when a hyena climbs out from under the tarp. The hyena threatens Pi almost as much as the tiger does. The next day, an orangutan, who was floating on some bananas and netting, joins them. The hyena attacks and kills the zebra, to Pi’s horror. Later the hyena attacks and kills the orangutan, then threatens Pi. Pi thinks all is lost and closes his eyes, awaiting the inevitable. Suddenly, the tiger leaps out from under the tarp and kills the hyena and eats it.

Over the next few days, the tiger eats the rest of the zebra and orangutan. Pi makes a raft out of life preservers he finds under the tarp (when the tiger is distracted by sea sickness). He also finds a survival guide and makes something to catch rain water for drinking. Days pass and the tiger is very hungry. Pi knows it’s only a matter of time before the tiger will jump into the water to get to him on the raft.

I’m not going to tell the rest of it so I don’t spoil it for others who have yet to see the movie (or haven’t read the book). What I will say is that throughout the movie, Pi did not give up and found ways to overcome adversity.

The last six months of 2012 have been rather slow in my business. I have been working for myself for six years now and have shown growth in all but this year. I guess the bad economy is finally catching up with me (I did well when the worst of the recession hit).  I could give up and go back to working a full-time corporate job, but like Pi, I refuse to give up. I have been seeking solutions and implementing them to see what works (some are and some aren’t). I will overcome this dismal year!

Huh. Looks like I did find a way to tie my story to my business after all.

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