Web Redesign for CAF

One of my on-going web development clients contracted with me to redesign a site for one of their customers. They had recently rebranded themselves and wanted the website to reflect the new brand. The customer is one of those a designer loves to work with – they were so prepared! They had their new colors with the RGB & CMYK codes, their logo in vector, access to native files for printed pieces – everything I usually have to beg for with other customers! Needless to say, since they were so well prepared and clear about what they wanted, there was very little tweaking of the design I presented to them. The slideshow will consist of 5 slides that will rotate once. After that, if the viewer mouses over the names Safety, Systems, Savings, & Substainability, a blue arrow would display above the words and the slide would change to that item.

Old CAF site
This is a screen shot of the old website.
Redesigned website
This is the design I came up with for them.


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