Website Animation

Animations on a website are awesome and a powerful medium. Especially when used appropriately. When it’s a cycle or just too much on a web page, it gets on the users’ nerves. Users don’t have the patience, time or resources so you must offer alternatives or better yet, the skip button, if it’s a full page animation.

3 thoughts on “Website Animation

  1. People with lower internet speed usually freaks out if an webpage is full of heavy animations. Otherwise it is a very powerful tool to engage visitors with your website and it makes them comeback to it everyday.

  2. This is also bad for those unfortunate people who are on dial up still. Those who are will have a difficult time loading any website with flash and animations.

  3. Animations are not appropriate for every website. They are also bandwidth hogs. Animation can take a long time to load especially on dial up. It can really kill your chances of getting people to your website.

    Also animation can be as annoying as music on a website so please provide a permanent off button and at least minimize it to just one webpage.

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