Website Redesign Complete

Client: Africa Easy

Africa Easy wanted their website redesigned so that visitors could better find tours and information. They also wanted to add social media and a review systems. Using the GeoPlaces Theme, I tweaked the code to customize it for Africa Easy’s needs.

During the process of setting up the site, Network Solutions (the host) took down the site twice and wouldn’t produce any documentation as to why. This is the second time I’ve had trouble with Network Solutions and both instances warranted a move to another hosting company. Because of all the hoops Network Solutions made us jump through, the transfer process took almost a week. I have vowed to never work with another client using Network Solutions unless they transfer their domain and hosting before I take them on as a client.  It wastes too much time for me and the client otherwise.

This is a screen shot of the old Africa Easy website:

This is a screen shot of the newly designed website (

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