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You Just Might Be Able To Use That Web Image For Print

I just upgraded my Adobe suite to the latest and greatest Adobe Creative Cloud, thanks to my subscription. One of the new features of Photoshop may be a game changer for my clients.

In the past, when a client only had a low resolution image for their print project, I would have to explain resolution to them and tell them that unless they found something suitable for print, it would probably look blurry on the final print product (see my previous article about resolution (. So, I could make an image smaller, but not larger.

With the new Photoshop CC, they have added an upsampling tool that allows you to make an image bigger and it adds in pixels to fill in the gaps. It’s not going to make your photo perfect when you make it bigger, but it’s a heck of a lot better than it used to be! See for yourself…

Original image – 72ppi

Original Image

Image at 300ppi using old method of upsampling (notice the pixelation and noise). This one won’t look good in print. I’m using a snippet of the photo since the full size will be too large to view here.


Now look at the same image upsampled to 300ppi, but using the new resampling tool in Photoshop CC.


The quality isn’t picture perfect, but it sure looks a lot cleaner – which will result in a better printed image.

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  1. The upsampling looks a little bit cleaner. Technology….. gotta love it! The new CC sounds pretty fabulous and your clients should be happy that you stay on top of things in which to make them look even better!

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