Anita L Elder

Graphic Designer


Lake Washington Technical School

2003 - Summa cum laude

American Intercontinental University

2004 - Magna cum laude



With over 15 years of experience in graphic design, I bring my passion to your design projects!

I have designed for some of the following companies:

  • Vulcan, Inc.
  • The Seattle Times
  • The Seattle Opera
  • Sur La Table
  • Seattle Reproductive
  • Crystal Mountain Resort
  • Validar
  • and many more!
Years Experience
Graphic Design Projects




"Anita took my anxiety and brought piece in my life designing my web-site that express who I am and what my organization represent. Web design was not a trade to Anita but a craft to her. Her attention to detail and creativity are shown in her work. If you are looking for a person who could create a web page that is clean, creative, and professional. Call Anita. It would be the best investment you could ever have made for your business."

- Brenda Milewski

"Anita is a joy to work with! She makes the process easy and she works quickly. I loved that she was able to quickly interpret my vision into a design that for our fundraising event. Thanks to her, our event was more polished and well branded. She is my go-to person for graphics."

- Terri Suzuki

Changes Parent Support Network

"There's an old saying about only being able to choose two out of three ways to receive a service: good, fast, and cheap.
Somehow Anita manages to beat that system, because she does all three!

I have had her do flyers for a big workshop I was planning, and I recently hired her to create a custom Twitter background.

Her designs are creative without being overly artsy. They look so professional.
She's ridiculously responsive AND quick on the draw. She turned my project around the same day I gave her photos!
And, ESPECIALLY considering what she's providing, she's a steal of a deal!"

- Rachel Whalley

"Anita and I have worked together on a number of website design projects. She produced outstanding design directions for my clients to choose from and made requested modifications in a very timely and professional manner."

- Mark McLaren
McBuzz Communications LLC

"Anita is a fantastic designer! When working with Anita I know that I can depend on her to not only produce quality work, but to do it on time. She constantly pushes to improve her abilities and shows great skill in both technical and artistic principals of design. 

Anita has the ability to take the client's vision and turn it into something tangible! She is steady and consistent in her level of quality and delivery, even under tremendous pressure. She also communications very well, asking questions and taking an active role in the project, frequently making suggestions on how to improve the design. Anita is capable of explaining her design choices and always has the client's best interests in mind. 

She is also willing to help when project emergencies come up, and never complains even when some of the requests are absurd or ridiculous. Anita has a marvelous sense of humor and an incredibly favorable attitude. 

I enjoy working with her frequently and can honestly say that she is one of the easiest, most reliable designers to work with." 

- Bradley Grey

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