Digital Design

Digital design includes things like banner ads, Powerpoint presentations, infographics and illustrations.

Banner Ads

Many online marketers use Banner Ads to promote their businesses. This form of advertisement is highly visible, since it includes images and is often placed in a prominent space on a web site. Banner ads are very effective if your business is something that can be advertised best by using pictures.

Banner ads are usually charged as "pay-per-impression", by the thousand impressions. These impressions are generally low-cost. By trading advertisement space on your site in exchange for someone putting your banner ad on their site, you might receive even more cost-savings.

To make your ad stand out, you'll want to hire a graphic designer who specializes in creating banner ads and can guide you in designing the ad that's best for your business.

Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint is used to create electronic presentations consisting of a series of separate pages or slides.

Things that are considered when designing in Powerpoint are:

  • Place elements in a natural reading order with text on the left and photos on the right
  • Pare down the core message to use keywords/bullets instead of full sentences
  • Make use of white space so the slide isn't so cluttered, that the eye doesn't know where to look - less is more!
  • Keep colors simple and stick to light and dark colors
  • Use san serif fonts since they are easier to read on a screen
  • Stick to 30pt font size or larger for better readability
    Avoid overstyling to keep slides from looking too busy and distracting


Infographics should start with good content - think quality over quantity!

Before creating an infographic, I sketch it out in a wireframe. This helps me figure out where to put icons/illustrations.

Just as with any great piece of marketing content, you have to design with your target audience in mind. I could design a really fantastic infographic, but it won't perform if it doesn't resonate with your audience.