Web Design & Development

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) which is designed for simplicity of publishing. With a CMS like WordPress, you can easily manage the creation of your web page updates on your website, without having to ask your website developer to do them for you.

As with any design process, a WordPress website design and development will go through several steps. I will discuss your needs with you and perform research, provide prototype designs, develop the site, perform testing and finally go-live with your site. The main difference will be that once the site is live, you can be the one to update it on an ongoing basis using the CMS.

The ease with which your WordPress website can be updated is just one of many reasons why a WordPress website design may be the best way to go for your small business.

Great Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website Design & Development:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • WordPress comes with a free toolset to help you and I get the most out of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Because WordPress is easy to update, you may find yourself making updates often. This creates good "SEO juice", as frequent updates to websites attract Google robots and other search engines.

Content & Media Updates:

  • With a WordPress website design, you do not need to know how to use HTML coding to make updates. You can simply type (or copy & paste from your word processing software) into the text box to make updates to your content.
  • Adding media such as photos or video to your content posts is easy, too. And search engines love media updates!
  • WordPress also allows you to schedule posts. This means that you could write a series of posts at once, and then schedule them to post to your site over time. This can save you precious time: spend a couple of hours scheduling your posts, and then don't worry about them for days or even weeks.

Social Media Integration:

  • WordPress enables you to integrate your website updates with your Social Media tools. When you post to your WordPress website, you can automatically "push" your post to Social Media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. That way, you don't have to go to each of those sites individually to re-post your updates. This keeps your Social Media site content fresh as well (see SEO above!)

Easy to Learn:

  • I will offer training on how to use your WordPress website to make updates on your own. Be sure to ask me if they offer this service.

Plug-Ins and Extensions:

  • There's an ever-growing number of free extensions and "plug-ins" available for your WordPress website. I will likely install some of these should the development of your website include elements such as calendars, photo galleries, polls, contact forms, ratings or other add-ons.

Ready for Mobile:

  • WordPress will automatically resizes your website content to be viewed by a mobile device, so you don't need to create a second mobile-ready site.