Growth – How My Web Design Has Progressed

I started building websites in 1995 after stumbling upon source code and figuring it out on my own. This was before there were books written on the subject and you couldn’t even find documentation on the Internet. I was pretty proud of my first sites and I wish I had archived them just for the laugh….animated Gifs, blinking images….things that I thought were “hot” back then, but embarrassing to look at now.

I did save some of my first websites….like the first websites I developed to try and start a web development business with my husband (1998) and the one I threw together for our wedding (1998-99).

Looking at these old sites shows me how much I have grown as a designer, so while I can be embarrassed, I can also take pride of my recent web design work!

First WebWelders Site:

Alternate Version (I don’t know what I was thinking!):

Our Wedding:

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