Reasons to use WordPress for your complete website

WordPress vs. HTML, the battle goes on.  People are constantly debating about which is the better of the two for a website.  But if it is any indication, think about this.  You constantly hear about folks going from HTML to WordPress, but rarely if ever do you hear about it being the other way around.  There must be some good reasons for that.  To put it bluntly, WordPress beats the pants off HTML hands down when it comes to which is better as a website solution.

One of the many (and perhaps most popular) advantages WordPress has is its ease of use.  The Content Management System in WordPress is super simple both to learn and use.  Just about every hosting company on the internet has easy WordPress installation available in the Control Panel.  Editing a WordPress website can be done quickly and easily, with your only investment being the time you put into it.

There are loads of themes, many free that you can install in a snap.  And even the ones that do cost money are still very affordable.  You can set up control permissions for as many users as you wish.  Should you choose to add videos, pictures or any other form of media, this too is also dead simple.  And if you are into SEO, you will be pleased to know that Google and the other search engines show WordPress based websites a whole lot of love.

The plugins available for WordPress are all geared toward Search Engine Optimization.  But having said all of that, there are still always going to be some folks who just don’t care to mess around with putting up a website.  Regardless of whether it is WordPress or HTML.  The reason could be that they are too busy with other parts of their internet business.  Or maybe they don’t want to deal with any learning curve, even though with WordPress it is a small one.

What they tend to do in this case is have someone else do all the lifting.  That is all good and well; however you want someone who knows what they are doing.  Somebody with a proven track record of experience and satisfied customers, like Anita Elder Design.

Anita Elder Design can also help you in the area of Print and Logo design, as well as provide you with consultation regarding themes, look and layout of your WordPress site.  And if you have a site that is already on a HTML platform, Anita Elder Design can quickly and easily move it over to WordPress for you.

So if you are looking to put your website on the WordPress platform, or perhaps looking to move over from HTML, contact  Or even if you have general questions before committing to WordPress Anita Elder Design stands ready to answer any queries you may have.

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